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Power better workflows

Work has changed. Processes are increasingly complex and highly fragmented, often involving people and teams outside your organization. The way IT manages content is changing, too. And Cloud Content Management is the best way to simplify how your business works. It enables seamless collaboration and workflow and gives you one platform for secure content management — plus the ability to leverage automation and streamline your content-centric processes with Box Relay.

Take the friction out of security and compliance

Every business today deals with cybersecurity threats and compliance challenges, which creates a heightened need for content security. But that security can’t slow down the business. Cloud Content Management from Box is here to help. With Box Governance, you can simplify how you govern your unstructured cloud content. With Box Shield, classification and security controls can be enforced across all file types with precision and ease. And with Box Zones, you can address data residency requirements and choose where you want your data to live. Learn more about our security features.

Seamless integrations with all your apps

With the average company using over 1,000 business apps and 50 file-sharing services, your content platform has to enable people to work with the tools they love. Box has over 1,400 app integrations across all the productivity and line-of-business tools you use most, including Office 365, G Suite, and Slack. With Cloud Content Management, you can stay in the apps you’re already using, but with your content centralized and protected in the cloud. And Box provides easy-to-use APIs so you can customize your own experience.

Recognized by the leading analyst firms

Cloud Content Management from Box is driving change and shaping buyer expectations in what used to be called the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market. And we’re proud to be named a Leader across Gartner, Forrester, and IDC. Box’s focus on frictionless security, seamless collaboration, and integrations with 1,400+ best-of-breed apps make it uniquely positioned to replace outdated ECM solutions in a secure, cloud-first environment. That’s why 69% of the Fortune 500 trust Box to transform the way they run their business in the cloud.

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“The technology team was looking for a platform. The Box platform’s flexibility and agility made it ideal, and the Box team has been incredible to work with.”

Candace Davis, Director of Content, Walmart Academy


What is cloud content?

Cloud content is all the unstructured and structured content you store, access, and share using cloud services. Today, more and more content is held in cloud content management systems. This enables users and teams to access content and send files more easily, from anywhere and any device, without being restricted by firewalls or access to local servers.

What is the “content” in a content management system?

Content in a content management system includes all the files and information that power important business processes in your organization. In a content management system, all kinds of files — Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, images, video files, recordings, transcripts — are made accessible so you can edit, collaborate, and send to the right people at the right time.

Why is content so important?

The files in any company’s content management system contain valuable information like sales contracts, budget spreadsheets, training videos, sales materials, and customer records. This data is critically important to your business processes, and it’s also important to keep secure.

What does content management mean?

More content is being accessed and shared on mobile devices than ever before. Cloud Content Management addresses how that content is managed, protected, governed, and used to enable workflow within and beyond an organization. It includes file sharing, storage, organization of files, access and permission control, and the ability to allow multiple people to work together simultaneously.

What is an enterprise content management system?

An enterprise content management system is what companies use to store, access, share, and send files related to key business processes. Cloud-based content management systems leverage cloud services, which allow users and teams to access files from anywhere, on any device, without firewalls or access to local servers getting in the way.

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