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Extend the Content Cloud with Box APIs and developer tools


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Securely connect content across your business apps

Embed Box into any app, and empower your teams to work with anyone on a single, secure content platform. Whether you're onboarding a new supplier with SAP, finalizing a sales contract with Salesforce, or sharing financial data with a business partner, Box Platform streamlines how teams share, access, and collaborate on content across your business apps.

Take control of your content

Box APIs enable you to connect to other systems and centralize content, metadata, and policies in the Content Cloud. Plus, you can run scripts to automate how content is migrated to the cloud, folders are managed, users are provisioned, and policies are applied. With Box Platform, you reduce cost and improve security across the board.

Build content apps securely & faster with Box

Building content apps can be hard. Box Platform makes it easy. Our developer tools, first-party SDKs, and integrated developer docs let you quickly build and deploy content apps in days, not weeks. Thanks to APIs, Box developers can focus on building great apps while Box takes care of the rest.

What is Box Platform, and how does it work?


Box Platform extends our world-class content services, enterprise-grade security, and industry-leading compliance with APIs and developer tools.

how box platform works


Key features

Box APIs

Programmatically harness the power of Box via the Box Developer Console. Reference developer documentation to begin with the Box APIs and SDKs.

Box Elements

Pre-built UI components allow developers to add modular components of Box into their own applications. A powerful JavaScript library lets you display interactive viewers for documents, images, videos, 3D models, and more.

Box Command Line Interface (CLI)

This user-friendly command line tool  allows both technical and non-technical users to leverage the Box API to perform routine or bulk actions.


Provide a managed, trackable, non-production, testing environment to developers.

Custom Skills

Extract metadata from files uploaded to Box using third-party machine-learning services to enhance the effectiveness of your content.

Search and metadata queries

Allow users to locate files with keyword-based queries and interact with Box metadata in real time to find content with precise queries in your apps.

Comprehensive event logging

Access a complete log of events for more than 100 different user and enterprise actions in your apps.

Enterprise-grade security

Customize your permission model with custom app users along with scopes for secure access to content. Manage application approval workflows via the admin console.


Box supports HIPAA, FedRAMP Level 4, FINRA, PCI, AICPA SOC1 and SOC2, EU-US Privacy Shield, ISO 27018, ITAR, and more.